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Nowadays, function-based component in react has been used as a main pattern rather than class-based component because function-based component have less code rather than class-based component and also because we write less code, the bundle that our app create is more smaller than using class-based.

Building React App using function-based…

In programming, we need to create a test to make sure our code works well when we use it. Sometimes we want to test a function but the function has interaction to other infrastructure such as doing an API Call to other server. We don’t know how to test it…

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Deployment is a thing that Software Engineering usually do to make their application available and accessible anywhere and anytime. Deployment also a required process for prepare our application to run and operate in specific environment. Usually it involves installation, configuration and other steps to make the application run well. …

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Di era Revolusi Industri 4.0 ini aplikasi mobile maupun web sudah banyak dipakai oleh banyak orang untuk membantu pekerjaan sehari-hari. Dengan bantuan internet pula aplikasi yang digunakan sangat terasa dampaknya terhadap perkembangan industri dan perekonomian. …

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Software Architecture

Software architecture is a blueprint of an software application. Software architecture has a pattern that we can use to build an app. Software architecture pattern is general solution for common problem that happened in app development. There are 10 common software architecture that usually use by the developer :

  • Layered…

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